Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Christmas 'card' parade - 1

I have always made cards. A lot of years ago my Christmas 'cards' became less card-like and more like decorations. The self-imposed rules are:
1) A design has to merit repeating about 65 times. It has to be simple enough to make many times, even given an unconventional dedication to this project.
2) It is preferable if the design has some element of 3 dimensionality.
3) It is OK if recipients have to do a little work to put a 'card' together.
4) The 'card' has to fit in a regular business-size (4 1/8" x 9 1/2") envelope and be sent flat. 

Some years there was no assembly work. One year, the red hat year, there was too much. I suspect that some ended up as a gluey mess in the trash can, although no one ever admitted it. 

What will follow over the next several days is a review of the 'cards', dating back to 1983.

Warm wishes    1983


Tonight earth is blended with paradise   1985 

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