Friday, 8 March 2013

Under ... Under is Over...Under & Out...Under Done

Part of my intent here is to show process.  
"Under" has been particularly hard for me to work on; I get claustrophobic just thinking about it. I came up with some formal qualities that pleased me well enough. The last time you saw 'Under' it was like this. Given all the tape, it looked rough and as I said then, I was not distressed. 

Here it is, taped removed.

I added the part that I meant as a positive force, but I found that it was only confusing.

I brightened the flashlights.....

                                                                                          .....and I dulled them down. 

And finally, I obliterated the whole thing. It wasn't working. What you see here may not last either. 

Likely not. 

I am setting it aside for awhile. 

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