Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer Project (SP)

I have been working on my plan for a Summer Project. I want to have something that directs my attention and activity in a period that is less structured and has a lot of distractions: gardening, travel, just being out of doors, etc. Because colour is my prime motivator, I thought I would start there. I will focus on one colour, with various combinations, for one month or so. The first colour is blue, especially cerulean blue with black. 

I will take photos.

I will collect related materials. 

 I will paint small paintings. 
7" x 5"

I will look for related content to make books. To broaden how I think and see, I get to copy or riff off of other artwork in any media other than paint. Paintings must be my own creative work. 

This is an inspiration ( double-sized business card picked up at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge (inspiration in itself) in Asheville, NC. 

Ready. Set. Go.

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