Wednesday, 5 August 2015 long does that take?

Today I decided to try to address the question, "How long did that take?"  This comes up often enough, possibly from a sense that some kind of response is required, and while visual things seem to scare people, everyone has a grasp of time. I slide over the  implications that accompany that question, like, "Wow, you have a lot of spare time."  

This is my real work.

OK, all that aside, today I did a whole section on my lichen project and took photos at 10 minute intervals. To review, this is the project: the circle is nearly 4 feet across.

The space I am going to work on is a circle about 11 1/2 inches in diameter. I shift between my desk, where I do the cutting, and the table where the project is set up.

0 minutes:

My desk, tools at the ready.

10 minutes:

Cutting is started. I am making use of some of the remainder too.

20 minutes:

I have punched out some daisies in 2 shades -- cream and white -- and am now adding the details: holes in some petals and slit petals.

30 minutes:

The details take time. The pile on the left has been done. The pile on the right is what I am working on.

40 minutes:

Ready to start some gluing. Yay!

50 minutes:

Working the edges first. Well, mostly.

1 hour:

Used up most of my cut 'daisies' and have put on the taller fence-like bit.

1 hour 10 minutes:

Back to cutting.

1 hour 20 minutes:


1 hour 30 minutes:

Nearly finished detailing.

1 hour 40 minutes: 


1 hour 50 minutes:

2 hours:

2 hours 10 minutes:

Back to the cutting board.

2 hours 20 minutes:

2 hours 30 minutes:

2 hours 40 minutes:

2 hours and 40 minutes.

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