Thursday, 28 April 2016

Obsessed? Me?

It happens.  I am in between art projects, and the opportunity and desire to do the Alabama Chanin thing has come together. The sewing is addictive: I say I will stay with it for just one more section..... until the afternoon has passed. My project is not following the rules exactly. I intend to sew the pieces together by machine; the designs are mine -- taken from my lichen sketchbook; and I have probably not read the directions well. I did read about "lovin' the thread." 

This is what I have so far:
Cotton t-shirts

The pieces cut out (with orange fabric pattern pieces)

The bodice, sewn together.

My tester t-shirt and stencil and print blocks.

Ready to go. There are no in-progress photos because I had to roll once I got started.

All the printed pieces

Ready to start sewing.

The front pieces completed and basted together.

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