Friday, 13 January 2017

A New Inquiry - Islamic Geometric Designs

A December 29, 2016 BBC Woman's Hour podcast had an interview with Zarah Hussain. She makes some awesome work based on Islamic geometric designs. The hook for me was when she said that the basic tools are in your middle school geometry set: a compass and a ruler. I have those things (admittedly, left behind by my children). I looked around the internet for instructions/lessons. It turns out that I am very late to this party: there are lots of websites and Youtube videos. Not deterred by the large number of people who are already onto this, I have made a few easy designs. 

This one starts with this grid:

My compass technique could use some work.

The swirly shapes follow grid lines. The lesson I was following called for erasing the internal lines. I decided to maintain them in the colour design, which confuses things a bit.

I used up more coloured pencil than I anticipated. 

I am interested in where this will lead. To improve the potential, I have invested in a higher grade compass. 

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