Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Getting Ahead of Myself to Keep Up - Advent Banners

I have been thinking about a project like this for some time, usually in December when it is  too late. I am on it this year. I made two. First of all, the characters:

 Mary and Joseph can be chosen from any of the people (who aren't shepherds or wise folks), and put on the sparkly buttons in the stable. 

Baby Jesus can be carried by anyone, but I think Mary and Joseph want the first turn.

The wise folk

The shepherds, and one loose sheep.

Add wings to a person and you have an angel. There are enough buttons for all 3 of them to be in the sky, or for 2 of them to be on the ground. 

There are 28 pieces to add -- people, animals and stars -- and it starts on the first Sunday of advent. They can be added in any order except for one: Jesus only shows up on December 24th. This is what they look like with all the elements:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015