Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stitching Again - 6 T-shirts Make 1

I went off to a thrift store with an open mind and a notion. I wanted to make a T-shirt using the Alabama Chanin method and a colour scheme.  I came home with 2 red t-shirts (not quite the same red), and orange, charcoal, black and turquoise t-shirts. One problem I came up against was the current trend for t-shirts to have writing or graphics on the front and back. This severely limits re-usability.

I drew the outlines of the front and back on newsprint, then drew the Alabama Chanin Magdalena stencil, modifying it to how I wanted it to be on my shirt. Then I covered the newsprint with mactac and cut out the shapes to make a stencil. This only works because I was brush dabbing the paint on. It wouldn't work if I was spraying it on. 
Here are the pieces after painting them:

Here, the stitching is done (I know, you can hardly see it):

And here, I have done the cutting:

The sleeves:

The finished piece.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Listening to the News

I can't yet articulate what these paintings are about, but they have something to do with responding to news I hear and read. I did this one yesterday. 

41" x 20"
104cm x 51cm

oil on board

And these two today:

14" x 14"
36cm x 36cm

oil on canvas