Monday, 26 August 2019

Produce Bag

Produce bag pattern

- linen
- 4.5mm circular needles, 74 cm and 40cm
- 3.5mm circular needle, 60cm
- 4 markers
- crochet hook 1.65mm

Finished size, unstretched, approximately 23cm deep and 23cm wide. 

This is a size for 5-7 apples or tomatoes.... or whatever.

1) Chain 38 stitches. Double crochet 35 stitches starting in 3rd chain from hook.

2) Make 4 double crochets in last stitch. 

3) Double crochet in other side of chain loop back; 3 double crochets in lat stitch. Total of 72 stitches.

4) Using the crochet hook, pull a loop through each stitch onto the longer 4.5mm circular needle. Use the magic loop method to double back on the other side.

5) Knit one row.

6) YO, K2 tog
7) Knit one row

8) YO twice, K2 tog
9) Knit one row, knitting once in the YO twice.

10) YO twice, K2tog; YO 3 times, K2 tog (I found that the first YO ended up bigger than the others so if it only had 2 wraps when all the others had 3 wraps, it turned out even)
11) Knit one row, knitting one stitch in the 3 wraps.

Change to smaller 4.5 mm needle. It is just easier once you have a few rows to switch from the magic loop to plan knitting in a circle. 

Repeat rows 10 and 11 about 15 times or as deep as you want the bag.

Change to 3.5mm needles:
P one row, K one row 6-8 times, ending with a P row.

Divide number of stitches by 4 (if you have 72 stitches, you have 4 groups of 18 stitches)

12) K 18, Bind Off 18, K18, BO 18. (I BO by K2tog, slip stitch back onto needle, K2tog.....)

13) P18, turn work and using cable cast on, CO 36 stitches; turn work and P 18 stitches, CO 36 st.

K one row, P one row about 4 times each. 

Bind off and work in ends.