Sunday, 16 August 2015

Wedding card

8" x 8"

This card is lichen inspired (OK, so everything this year is lichen inspired).
1. Lichens look interesting in a peculiar and spectacular way.
2. They live in a wide variety of environments, including harsh ones. They are tenacious in an awe inspiring way.
3. Even given their hardiness, they are sensitive to environmental disturbance.

Spectacular, tenacious and sensitive.
Perfect words for a marriage.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 long does that take?

Today I decided to try to address the question, "How long did that take?"  This comes up often enough, possibly from a sense that some kind of response is required, and while visual things seem to scare people, everyone has a grasp of time. I slide over the  implications that accompany that question, like, "Wow, you have a lot of spare time."  

This is my real work.

OK, all that aside, today I did a whole section on my lichen project and took photos at 10 minute intervals. To review, this is the project: the circle is nearly 4 feet across.

The space I am going to work on is a circle about 11 1/2 inches in diameter. I shift between my desk, where I do the cutting, and the table where the project is set up.

0 minutes:

My desk, tools at the ready.

10 minutes:

Cutting is started. I am making use of some of the remainder too.

20 minutes:

I have punched out some daisies in 2 shades -- cream and white -- and am now adding the details: holes in some petals and slit petals.

30 minutes:

The details take time. The pile on the left has been done. The pile on the right is what I am working on.

40 minutes:

Ready to start some gluing. Yay!

50 minutes:

Working the edges first. Well, mostly.

1 hour:

Used up most of my cut 'daisies' and have put on the taller fence-like bit.

1 hour 10 minutes:

Back to cutting.

1 hour 20 minutes:


1 hour 30 minutes:

Nearly finished detailing.

1 hour 40 minutes: 


1 hour 50 minutes:

2 hours:

2 hours 10 minutes:

Back to the cutting board.

2 hours 20 minutes:

2 hours 30 minutes:

2 hours 40 minutes:

2 hours and 40 minutes.