Thursday, 23 August 2018

Shaved Beaver: The 40's Swing Coat

I was introduced to this coat on a day I felt I would like to have it. I liked the shape. I liked the fur. 

The original lining had been removed; a black satin lining replacement had been made but not sewn into the coat. My first thought was that the lining should be a colour. 

Fortunately, I took the coat with me to the fabric store because my first ideas - red, purple, or print - were not right for it. I laid colours beside it until it was very clear that I got it right. 

I had a little repair work to do. Adding a hook and eye where one was missing was easy. I also had a mishap involving iron-on pellon that I do not like to describe. 

Here it is finished: 

I added this scarf-like thing because there were short exposed seams on each side that indicated that something had been attached there. This may or may not be the answer.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Dog in the Backyard (outdoor art)

The outdoor art I made a few years ago was peeling. It was beyond fixing but not beyond re-using. When I thought about what our yard needed it did not take long to come up with an answer. We need a dog in our back yard.