Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Birthday number: 58 from 1958

Some one here turned 58. I don't know if it is a "thing" when one's age matches the year one was born, but that's what the deal is here. (MCMLVIII is 1958, but you probably guessed that.)

This year's number came with a set of magnets and a pin!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Exhibition in Winnipeg - Go now, or soon, or several times!

Selected paintings from Scenes from Childhood and The Lichen Project are in Winnipeg at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery starting today, July 15. The show -- a joint exhibition with Parvin Shere -- runs until September 3, with an event on Saturday, July 30 at 7pm. 

From the CANVASs 

Saturday, July 30, 7:00PM
remarks by Dr. Jon Gerrard and Ray Dirks
     I have known and admired Parvin Shere and Rhonda Harder Epp for most of the years I have worked at the MHC Gallery. Parvin and Rhonda, however, have never met. There is no obvious connection between the two exhibits happening this summer. There is commonality in that both artists seek and probe, explore issues, with their art. It isn’t just a pursuit of the aesthetic.
     I appreciate the fact that Rhonda and Parvin come from different backgrounds of place, culture and belief roots, yet both come to our gallery to give their art voice. Our gallery attracts many different voices and that is a link we are honoured to hold high.
     Long-time Winnipeggers, Parvin and her late husband, Waris, used to visit me from time to time at the gallery. It was always a highlight. Without fail, they were friendly, inquisitive, af rming and open. We shared conversations on art, justice and peace. Beyond their chosen fields, what I remember most is two people as one, two people of peace, justice and community.
     I see this exhibit as a journey through the layers of Parvin’s career as an artist and humanitarian, with Waris looking over her shoulder, smiling proudly.
     From the first time I saw some of Rhonda’s work I was impressed by the quality and by the thought put into it. To this day, it seems from my vantage point, she is ever evolving, ever pushing herself to work in new ways while creating pieces that are unfailingly bound in issues and deep reflection.
Ray Dirks, MHC Gallery

If you go early you could score a flip book:

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Post Card from Poland - 5

Wroclaw - A Rebuilt City



Wroclaw (W - like v, c - like ts, l - like w, final w - like f) (does that help?) like Gdansk was reduced to rubble in 1945. It speaks to some kind of perseverance that both these cities look like they have been intact for centuries.