Friday, 5 February 2021

Letter Book: One

 My granddaughter will turn 3 in March. This is when I make a personal letter book as a gift. Building on all the reading time that has already been part of her life, it is my belief that connecting letters and sounds to people and objects that are familiar will be another step towards literacy. 

Each letter has 2 page pockets. The first page has the letter and the photo of a person or a thing that is familiar on it (I will not be showing the pages with people). The second pocket/page has at least 2 objects that begin with that letter. I have finished all the pages and they will eventually all go in a great big binder, but they will be introduced a few at a time, not alphabetically. 

To show you, I will start with x, y, and z. 

X is hard. There are very few words that start with x, or have much familiarity. I stretched it to include eXit and boX. The exit sign has spaces for 2 battery tea-lights so it can be turned on. 

The zoo folds up. 


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